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Tax Credit Donation / Athletic Fee

The Arizona Extracurricular Activities Tax Credit Program allows Arizona taxpayers to take a tax credit of up to $200 ($400 for married couples) when donating to a public school.  These donations help pay for extracurricular activities and can be designated to the school and program (or programs) of your choice.  Please consider using the Arizona Extracurricular Activities Tax Credit Program to support the Higley Knights football team.  For more information, please see below.  Thank you!!!




The due date for the Athletic Fee for Varsity is August 8, before the Varsity Scrimmage.  The due date for JV and Freshmen is August 10.  Players will not be allowed to play until the fee has been paid.


To download the Higley Football-specific Tax Credit Donation form, please click here:  Tax Credit Form


For more information regarding the Tax Credit Donation directly from the Higley Unified School District website, please follow this link:  HUSD Tax Credit Donations