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About Parents U-Knight

The Higley High School Football Booster Club, known as Parents U-Knight, is an all-volunteer organization that is committed to supporting our football coaches and players in a positive way, both on and off the field.  Every parent of a Higley Football player is an automatic member.  The purpose of Parents U-Knight is to promote, develop, encourage and support Higley High School and interscholastic football.  Our goal is to foster a more integrated relationship among the parents and family members, administration, faculty, coaching staff, football players, as well as the Higley community.  We work to promote a spirit of U-Knighty and sportsmanship among all of its members.


We are responsible for handling much of the operational and organizational behind-the-scenes aspects of the program.  Our duties include:


  • Staffing for all games and special events, including concession stands, the chain gang, the tunnel, merchandise sales and ticket sales
  • Working with the coaching staff, school administration and HUSD on planning out the season’s activities
  • Communicating information to parents through social media and email
  • Organizing monthly meetings to provide information to our members, as well as receive parental input
  • Arranging travel and hotel accommodations for out-of-state games and away events
  • Design and production of all “Higley Football” merchandise carried at the games
  • Coordination of fundraising activities, including on-site sports physicals, the Cornhole Tournament, Pride Cards, the annual Higley High School Football Challenge, and making arrangements with local restaurants and other community-based organizations for special events
  • Maintaining the finances of the program
  • Preparation and serving of Team Dinners before each game throughout the season
  • Maintaining the inventory required for the concession stands and merchandise table
  • Administration of this website

A great deal of effort goes into helping this program operate effectively and our organization invites the involvement of all who support our athletes.  If you have questions, comments, if you’d like to know how you can help, or if you would like to join Parents U-Knight, please send an email to parentsuknight@gmail.com or contact us here:



Meet the Board:


Charlene Jackson – President
Dawn Brasch – Co-President
Eric Brasch – VP of Game Day Operations
Hazel Rule – Secretary
Matt Carson – Treasurer